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Please include in the e-mail order the following:

1. Name (and Rider Name if ordered by someone else)

2. Address

3. Email Address that is used for PayPal so we can send a PayPal Invoice for Payment

4. Race Location if Ordering Race Event Photos Downloads

5. The file number listed to the left of each photo if ordering Individual Photos

6. Your phone number in case we have any questions.




Single Event Digital Photos - $20.00 Flat Rate for ALL the High Resolution Digital Photos of an individual rider at a single event sent by We Transfer which can be printed or used for Social Media.
The single event Digital Photos will also have group shots included that have the rider in them, along with some other photos which may include the track, crowds and pits.

Single Event Digital Photos...$20.00 sent by We Transfer

Resume Digital Photos - $40.00 and we allow you to choose any 20 high resolution digital photos from the entire year’s selection and we will add 5 photos of great grandstand or crowd photos.
This gives you a great selection to add to electronic or print resumes. You can also print these photos and make nice Thank You for Your Support or Christmas gifts.

Resume Digital Photos...$40.00 sent by We Transfer

Entire Year Digital Photos - This will include every photo we took of an individual rider (includes all individual, group, podium & pit photos if shot) for the entire year of your choice.
These can be viewed as a slide show or you can print as many of the photos you choose in any size you want.
You can print 4X6’s and larger at any Store kiosk or order online and make a Memory Book for yourself or as gifts.

Entire Year Digital Photos...Call for Price - Varies by the Number of Races Included.



METALLIC (mirror like gloss)

4 X 6 Print

$ 2.00 each

$ 3.00 each

5 X 7 Print

$ 5.00 each

$ 6.00 each

8 X 10 Print

$10.00 each

$12.00 each

11 X 14 Print

$12.00 each

$15.00 each

16 X 20 Print

$22.00 each

$28.50 each

24 X 36 Print

$60.00 each

$65.00 each

30 X 40 Print

$70.00 each

$75.00 each




Single Event Digital for Rider

$ 20.00

Sent by We Transfer

Resume Digital for Rider

$ 40.00

Sent by We Transfer

Entire Year Rider Digital

Price Depends on Number of Races

Sent by We Transfer